Hirano Ha Karate Do Association

Traditional Karate Do Instruction

Hirano-Ha Karate Do Association

604 Main Street

Montevallo, AL 35115



To contact us:

Phone:     205-665-1992 (Montevallo)

E-mail:     hiranokarate@gmail.com

Welcome to the web page for the Hirano-Ha Karate Do Association! 

The HKA teaches traditional Japanese Karate Do classes for both adults and children in the Central Alabama area. 


We offer:

Highly qualified instructors

A proven training program

A respected organization

Well-equipped facilities

Special events and tournaments


...so you can develop:

Physical strength, agility, balance, and stamina

Mental focus, self-control, and discipline

Strong spirit, resolve, and willpower

Self-defense skills and confidence

Strategic thought and action