Hirano Ha Karate Do Association

Cubs Program Information

The Cubs program is designed for ages five through seven. The Cubs program provides our younger students with an environment that is less intimidating. This class is designed to develop motor skills and good listening habits through age appropriate drills.

In this process, the children are rewarded with a striped belt to show progress. Each belt represents techniques that have been learned and or developed to a higher level. Throughout this time, we build confidence, concentration and commitment. Once they are prepared, they will move up to the "Tigers" program.

Tigers Program Information

The purpose of the Tigers program is to prepare children eight to ten years of age for adult Karate. The classes focus on teaching children the fundamental techniques, discipline, while also being physically challenging and allowing them time to mature and be prepared for a more demanding class.

  • Children maybe placed according to maturity and or advancement.
  • (Family discounts are available with all programs)
  • Offered periodically are: Rank Examinations / Guest Instructor Seminars & Competition

Cubs & Tigers Program Pricing

New Member Price:     CUBS: $165     TIGERS: $165
Price Includes:
  • One month tuition
  • Uniform(Gi) with belt and patch
Monthly Pricing After 1st Month:
All monthly payments are withdrawn by Credit Card or ACH