Hirano Ha Karate Do Association

Standard Karate Program Information

The Standard Program is designed for children 11 & up as well as adults. These are physically challenging classes that help the student to improve focus, discipline and coordination as they progress through belt ranks.

  • (Family discounts are available with all programs)
  • Classes are divided into Beginner through Advanced levels.
  • (Kobudo) Weapons and advanced karate training programs are also available after the proper requirements have been met.
  • Offered periodically are: Rank Examinations / Guest Instructor Seminars & Competition

Standard Karate Program Prices

New Member Price: $195
Price Includes:
  • One month tuition
  • Uniform(Gi) with belt and patch
  • WTKO Annual Membership Fee
Monthly Pricing After 1st Month:
All monthly payments are withdrawn by Credit Card or ACH
Orange Belt: 6 months @ $100 per month
Half Term: 3 months @ $300 per month (based on $100 per month) - Unlimited Training
Half Terms must be paid in Full